"I never knew about Matchmakers until I met Terri one day. We ended up going out for dinner and sat and talked about the difficulties I had faced getting back into the dating scene.  She was extremely sympathetic and totally relatable.   I realized the importance of making sure I needed to get it right for my next relationship and she had great suggestions to help make sure that happened.  Over time Terri became my dating coach and I was able to have her help me avoid some mistakes that I was making.   One day when we were out at an event she met a woman and began a conversation with her, later that day she said that this woman was actually a good match for me.  I followed through and I’m happy to say she was right, I am now in a relationship and I’m thankful for her advice and for her looking out for me."


Gary, Toronto


I never realized the value of having team members help with the most important part of your life until I met Terri.   She invested the time in making sure that I had a better understanding of the new dating game for people who had been out the dating game for many years.  Terri was instrumental in guiding me through the process of online dating, dating and finding success.  I will forever be grateful for the assistance I found with the service.   Having a female outlook in this process was definitely beneficial. 


Tony, Toronto

"I was so tired of being scammed.  Every man that messaged me became scrutinized like I was with the FBI.   My online dating experiences were anything but hopeful.  After 2 years of wasted money, wasted time and energy I met Terri one day by accident.    We began talking about the dating journey and some of the things we had both encountered.  I instantly felt connected to Terri, she truly understood my struggle and suggested that maybe I look at having someone help make sure my online profile was working properly.  We started off with that process and instantly I began seeing a new breed of suitors who were sincere and looking for the same as I was.   I also spent some time with the dating coach and learned how to date being 50 versus when I was in my 20s the best money I have ever spent.  I was able to adjust some of my thinking and concepts to feel confident again.  I felt like I was not alone and knowing that there really are people out there that are seriously looking for a partner gave me the hope that I needed to find a great relationship."


Jen, Toronto

"When I met Terri I knew right away that she totally understood the problems I was also experiencing with the dating world.  It was like trying to navigate through a fishbowl filled with piranha.  The men I was meeting online would never end up being real.  I dressed up and got ready multiple times to be disappointed... or after ‘Ghosted’.   I would be involved with text message for days and yet nothing came of it!  I was exhausted by chasing people who didn’t even exist or speak to someone claiming single yet they were in a relationship.   Having someone help with sorting through the jungle made me feel like I was actually not alone."


Molly, Niagara Falls

"When I became single, my friends and family couldn’t understand the difficulty that I was facing trying to find someone.  They thought it should be easy, but I felt very alone in the dating journey.   I didn’t have anyone to talk to or share the disappointments.  No one would truly understand what I was going through.  I tried a variety of avenues for dating and they were just as tiring.  It seemed like I was putting in hours and hours reading profiles, responding and going on ‘meetups’, to still be alone.  What was I doing wrong?  That answer became evident when I finally had help sorting it all out.   Thanks to Terri she made me realize that we are dating in a different time and it was going to take a new approach.  She helped me put together a better profile and also figure out what I was truly looking for, once I started to target that demographic I found quality people who were also struggling with the woes of online dating.  


Noah, London

"After 32 years of a wonderful marriage I was faced with the loss of my beautiful wife.  It was extremely hard to find my way back into the dating world but I tried multiple dating sites and I found myself having to deal with scammers, liars and thieves.  I was giving up when I met with Terri and I realized how many mistakes I had been making.  My profiles were not getting any attention, but when they did get attention, it was usually some beautifully hot women who lived overseas.  Although, I had the chance to find true love with a Nigerian Princess my luck at home with women was just not happening.  

I gave my trust to my matchmaker who helped step by step to get me not only meeting wonderful women but totally understanding how difficult this process would have remained without her help.  I could have saved years of torture had I just had the help I needed at the start.   Thank you Terri for not only helping me find Ms. Special in my life but also for preparing me for my new relationship.

William, Mississauga

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