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When I started my online dating search one of the things that I found was there seem to be an awful lot of men that didn’t actually have the same intention as I had. It seemed I was continually finding players and it became increasingly difficult to decipher what the true intention were.

I then began a search to figure what was happening and discovered in fact that there was only a very small percentage of people searching who actually believed in love and wanted to find it. It was at this time that I started really looking into some of the studies that were done and found that actually only about 5% of the people that go online dating sites were actually there looking for their soulmate or new partner, the 95% of the ‘other dating profiles ‘ actually consisted of the candy shop type of mentality where the next one may be better, the Nigerian scammer or worse the already in a relationship and browsing to see if they may be missing someone better type of dater.

It was then that I realized that the 5% of true honest people seeking love were being lost in the sea of deceit.

So now I needed to come up with a better way to be able to navigate around the 95% and be able to target those 5% who were like me.  It was important to also have them recognize and find my profile. We definitely needed to be able to showcase ourselves to the sincere 5% left.

In the online world it became imperative that your online profile must target what you are truly looking to find in a relationship. As importantly putting out your own profile and making sure that others could see that you were a serious candidate was equally as important.

As they say you need to know who you really are before you start this journey and what you are truly seeking.

Working with a dating coach will allow you the opportunity to figure this part out and be able to present a true honest attempt at what you’re really looking to find.

A dating coach is able to offer you the opportunity to work with them to put together your online profile, this way you are presenting a truer picture to the world.

We believe that if we get it right from the start your success rate will be far greater in finding true love.

If you have tried online dating and found that it’s just not working for you, but you believe that you are one of the top 5% in the search for love, then having us work with you will definitely make a difference. Our coaches offer great advice and help rebuild the confidence you need to be successful.

Writing a profile about ourselves is very difficult process and we don’t always see all of our best qualities. We also sometimes don’t know how to express those out into the online world of dating. However our writers, dating coaches and along with our Matchmakers make sure that they capture and present the true honest person who is sincerely looking for their new love.

Being able to cut through the 95% that aren’t really there for a true relationship and sorting through the 5% who are will definitely wanting and ready for a relationship will mean that the chances of success are far greater when you have help to navigate the waters.

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