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noun: matchmaker; plural noun: matchmakers; noun: match-maker; plural noun: match-makers

  1. a person who arranges relationships and marriages between others, either informally or, in certain cultural communities, as a formal occupation. "an enthusiastic matchmaker who continually tried to pair off the difficult bachelor with unattached ladies"

Whether you're in Canada or the USA I can help.  Let me show you how to find the 5% of available , serious daters that are having as difficult time as you are to find that someone special. 


You're not alone having had experienced personally the world of Dating and trying all the avenues that are available to find that special person in your life.  Just imagine your next holiday spent with your new love!  Don't wait it's time to get serious!


Terri has spent the majority of her life as an entrepreneur running successful businesses and also as a expert writer for multiple websites and has even published 7 books. 



Currently she has taken her experience and created How to Date Successfully and the Frankly Cupid Dating Profiler both are now available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle formats.

She found her greatest passion in life when she started working as a Matchmaker helping to find love for others. 


After having a relationship breakdown she found herself single in her 50's and looking for love.  She found that she was stuck on the online dating sites spending countless hours trying to search for a new love of her life.  It was at this time that she realized how difficult the journey had actually become. 

Dating as a mature woman was completely different then dating in the earlier days.   Terri accepted a position as a matchmaker knowing she could definitely relate to others who were searching for the same.  She decided to put her knowledge of relationships together with her search experience to be able to offer help to others.   


Today Terri is a respected Matchmaker and Dating Coach who is happily finding love for those who have also found themselves alone.   She maintains her title of the "shoemaker of love" still trying to find her own true love after a 4 year period of dating.   Terri has documented that search with her book called "How to date successfully."     When people meet Terri they can't help but feel her passion for finding love successfully for others.

Available now - How to Date Successfully is a combination of self help guides - The End of a Relationship / How Men and Women Are Different at Dating / Sex and Relationships / Funny Facts about Dating and Internet Dating.   She has also released a guide to find out what your really looking for - The Frankly Cupid Profiler it will help build the best dating resume to make you reach the 5% of serious daters. 


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