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Definition:  Frank·ly   /ˈfraNGklē/

adverb - Honest, open, direct, straightforward, forth right, without beating around the bush, or mincing words.  Matter of Fact, No holds barred, To tell the truth and be sincere!

Definition:   Cupid  - Latin Cupīdō [kʊˈpiː.doː], meaning "desire"- A person who Makes Couples ...Fall in Love!

Frankly Cupid - The mentors you need to find the right one for your Heart! Truthful experienced Matchmakers working towards the goal of helping You find Love!  Let us get straight to the point, Online dating is a tough road to master, having someone to help navigate will make your search worth pursuing.   We understand how difficult it is and have been in the same position looking for partners in our own personal lives.  We have successfully helped many clients also find their loves.   We can make a difference to your search, we truly do understand and will do the walk with you for your journey!   Don't waste any more time. Contact us today to help you find Your future.

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Areas covered include:

Love and Relationship Mentorship




Virtual Dating Assistants 

Online Profile Building


Professional Dating Coaches 

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All sessions are done via Telephone or Skype.  We do have face-to-face sessions available in Toronto, Niagara Falls, Orlando Florida .. 

Group Coaching Events will be held across the U.S and Canada .. watch for the schedule.  Contact us for any personal queries

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